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Project Description

Traditional Auckland Showroom Kitchen Dining Table

Traditional Newmarket Showroom Kitchen

We describe this as a ‘modern traditional’ kitchen. Its design inspiration comes from the old-style English farmhouse kitchens, yet it incorporates details found in more contemporary projects.

The cabinetry doors have a simple, two-step panel detail, and the pulls were kept to a minimal, so as not to look too traditional. Glass display cupboards and open shelving, with tongue-and-groove detailing, give a ‘furniture’ look to the kitchen – much like an old-school dresser. Everything is painted in a off white colour that helps to make it feel a little more modern.

A large stand-alone stove, in contrasting black, was placed at the centre of the kitchen as a deliberate design statement. Above it, a custom-designed rangehood was fitted, finished in a metallic bronze, which adds a modern flourish to the design. An acid-etched glass spalshback, with bronze highlights, completes the look.

Although the look of this kitchen may be more traditional, its functionality is right up date, having been completely specified with latest drawer and storage systems.

Traditional Kitchen Rangehood & Oven
Traditional Kitchen Freestanding Oven
Traditional Kitchen Freestanding Oven
Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Features
Traditional Newmarket Showroom Kitchen Glass Cupboards