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Project Description

Parnell Kitchen

These clients wanted to re-create the look of their old London apartment in their new, upmarket, three-storey townhouse in central Auckland. They talked emotively about traditional panelled doors, steel and brass finishes, and open shelves for everyday items to hang on display.

Space for entertaining, with casual seating for guests, was also asked for, as was a beverage-making area away from the main work zone and a seamless flow from the kitchen space through to the living dining areas.

The resulting design addresses each of these needs, all wrapped up in an elegant package that evokes a traditional old-world feel, but in a modern way, through innovative use of lighting and layers of texture and materials.

It also makes a stunning statement in the open-plan living space. The new kitchen has more efficient food storage and larger preparation areas, and incorporates the latest technology in a full and matching suite of appliances.