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Project Description

Kitchen Island with LED Wave Lighting

Waterfront Apartment Kitchen

This stunning kitchen packs a big punch, proving that you don’t have to compromise on looks or functionality when living in an apartment.

The ‘wave’ cutout at the front of the kitchen peninsula gives drama and the wow factor requested by the client. To add extra texture, it was backed by a textured wave board that gives a 3D effect when the lights are on.

The marble adds another level of luxury to the space. And to ensure that nothing competes with it, the back wall of cabinetry is kept simple and white. Where handles and pulls were necessary, they were kept them minimal – matched to the brushed brass mixer tap on the island.

Keeping with the minimalist theme, the fridge-freezer has been subtly integrated into the cabinetry, and a sleek, glass-topped induction cooktop installed. A pair of wall ovens and a cleverly placed wine fridge at the end of the peninsula finishes off the suite of top-end appliances.

Marble Kitchen Island
White Apartment Kitchen Island
White Apartment Kitchen
Led Lighting In Apartment Kitchen
Kitchen Appliance Cupboard